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The Realistic Solution

Select Spray Foam is an employee owned business. We are a typical upper Midwest family with a mortgage and bills, while doing our best to raise a family during these unprecedent times. We understand the trial and tribulations of life today and building or remodeling a home can be a strenuous process. There's no denying the increasing demand for more energy efficient homes today and Select Spray Foam is your REALISTIC SOLUTION to achieving such guidelines.


What's realistic about Select Spray Foam?

First, REALISTIC price. It is our mission to alleviate anxiety when anticipating returns of estimates. We will never "over estimate" projects.  Estimates for projects will be generated promptly, with full transparency of work to be completed. Honesty is a core value when it comes to Select Spray Foam.

Second, REALISTIC scheduling. Here at Select Spray Foam, we understand you have commitments like working 5 days a week 8 hours a day, and many other family functions. Select Spray Foam will work around your schedule to eliminate any added inconvenience. We are on call Monday-Sunday AM and PM.

Third, REALISTIC timeframe. We know time is important to you and there may be other subcontractors, like drywallers, waiting for insulation to finish. Since Select Spray Foam is employee owned and operated, we dictate our hours of operation. A standard day of work is 14 hours. Get in and get it done! We don't like to waste time.

Fourth, REALISTIC relationships. Select Spray Foam is a family friendly business. We like to get to know you on a personal level. Building a personal relationship is important to us. We feel it is a more efficient partnership when we are able to have friendly conversations like you would with your relatives or friends. Truly, encompassing the upper Midwest mentality.

We look forward to furthering our relationship with you. If you have any questions, or would like a free and quick estimate we are easily reached in multiple ways whether that be on email, on Facebook, or a simple phone call.


Select Spray Foam, the REALISTIC solution!


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