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About Select Spray Foam

Select Spray Foam is based in Bangor WI but has an operating range in all of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper 

Peninsula or Iowa. Project location is not an issue.


Select Spray Foam is also not limited on hours of operation. AM or PM Monday-Sunday. The Midwest mentality is how we operate providing quality work, honesty, and professional customer service. No project is too big or small and will be happy to assist you in completing your project. Select Spray Foam is committed to serving you. Whether you are an individual building your home obtaining your own subcontractors or a contractor looking for a reliable and reasonable spray foam applicator, Select Spray Foam is your ideal choice.


Select Spray Foam understands the demand for high quality work. Reliability is very important to us whether that be answering your phone call or reliable equipment. That is why Select Spray Foam only uses new up to date equipment to ensure optimal results and decrease the possibility of unnecessary delays in your schedule. 


If you are looking for spray foam services, I would highly recommend Select Spray Foam. When you use their services, you can expect nothing but quality work and great communication throughout the whole process. Put your mind at ease knowing that they are very responsive to all of your questions or concerns and will get the job done in a timely manner. Support a local business that does great work and has great prices. 10/10 would recommend! We had great results with our new construction home and have no doubts that everyone else will, especially with Jeff and Leigha's personable and professional approach.

Shannon, Homeowner

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